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小作文:The charts show the reasons why undergraduates and postgraduates choose to to Parker University. Describe the difference and compare them if possible.  


大作文:Some people think living in big cities is bad for people’s health. To what extent do you agree or disagree?





Task 1:饼图(静态)



      2. 介绍各扇面及总体的关系;

      3. 各个扇面之间的比较, 各类扇面在不同时间, 不同地点的比较;

      4. 重点突出特点*明显的扇面:*大的,*小的,互相成倍的。




1)名词:percentage 百分比,proportion 份额

2)动词:占:comprise, make up, constitute, account for, take up, consume 占(份额), occupy, compose, is divided into...parts 分为...部分,consist of / be comprised of 由...构成,consume the larges / smallest portion 占*大/*小的份额;与...相比较 compare / comparison / by contrast / in sharp contrast to; 比...多 outnumber / exceed

3)短语及副词:与...相反on the contrary; 几分之几 one half / one third / one fifth / two thirds / two fifths; 大约、大概 about / around / almost / nearly / roughly / approximately; 分别/各自 respectively; 与...相比 compared with, compared to, in comparison with, in comparison to, by comparison with, by comparison to


     1)the graph, presented in pie chart, shows the general trend in...

     2) the pie graph depicts (mat)...

     3) the biggest difference between the two groups (A+B) is in..., where A makes

     up 5% while B constitutes 67%.

     4) the highest percentage is A, which was approximately 12%...

     5) the percentage of A in ... is more than twice that of B. The ratio is ...% to ...%.

     6) a greater percentage of A than B is found in ... ( the former is ...% and the

     latter is ...%)

     7) there are more A in ..., reaching ...%, compared with ...% of B.

     8) A, which used to be the ..., has become less important, which declined

     (increased) sharply from ...% in 1978 to only ...% in 1998.

     9) the percentage of A is slightly larger / smaller than that of B.

     10) the highest / greatest / lowest / smallest / percentage / proportion of... is...



3.Task 2生活/社会类







   健康产生威胁。 我也同意这些人的看法。

   Increasing numbers of people holding dreams and ambitions all yearn for living in  

   modern metropolises such as London of Britain, Shanghai of China where

   continue attracting millions of people to settle down. However, someone is worried

   about living in the big cities is harmful to settlers’ health. I agree with them in



Body 1: (让步段)



   Undoubtedly, more chances of development, for young adults who have         

   aspiration, are available in metropolises and make it possible for those

   dreamers to receive success.


Body 2: 大都市的污染对人的身体健康造成巨大危害。





   Although, I admit that there are many chances to develop for young adults in

   Metropolises. In fact, health is a basic and vital element. To put another way,

   Nothing is valuable without health. As we know, pollution in metropolises is very

   serious caused by various vehicles, construction projects, drain contamination  

   from factories and people’s activities. Whatever the forms of pollution are, they  

   always pose threat to people’s health. Noise disturb our rest and air pollution

   induces diseases even cancer.


Body 3: 大都市激烈的竞争压力,会威胁身体健康。




   More chances in metropolises mean abnormal fierce competition. Suffering  

   such competitive stress for a long time, nobody can avoid depression or anger,  

   as scientists have confirmed that quite lots of diseases are the results of terrible

   mental conditions.




   As what I have said above, living in big cities is unbenefited.







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